Conference Time!

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Well I have been away for awhile thanks to one of those annoying little faults that no one can find or believe is actually happening. It’s the PC. No it is the internet provider. No maybe it is the phone line.

What a time to come back. It is time for the Romance Writers of America Conference. What you aren’t going? Too expensive? You are not in the States? Then there is brilliant news for you. A conference that you can attend where ever you are in the World, we don’t even mind if you turn up in your PJs.

The Romance Divas annual Not Going to Conference Conference will make you feel a bit less deprived! Amazing workshops, a star-studded guest list and awesome giveaways, all on the Diva forum! Don’t miss it!

Coordinated by Seeley deBorn!

Here’s a bit of a schedule update for the Q&As and Workshops…

Wednesday, July 30

Paula Guran, Editor, Juno Books
Q&A on Creating Kick a** Heroines

Laurie Rauch, Editor, Samhain Publishing
Workshop on What Happens After the Contract (aka Editors are People Too!)*

Thursday July 31

Joyce Hart, Hartline Literary
Q&A on Inspirational Romance Stories and the Inspy Market

Sandra Schwab, Historical Romance Author
Workshop on Historical Accuracy and Anachronisms

Friday, August 1

Yolanda Sfetsos, Author of Guarded by Stone
Q&A on Paranormal and Urban Fantasy World Building

Katie MacIver, KatieDidDesign
Workshop on Website Design and Color Selection

Saturday, August 2

Joey W. Hill, Erotica Author
Workshop on Plotting Erotica and Erotic Romance

Rhonda Stapleton, Editor and Author
Workshop on Style and Voice

2008 Romance Divas Not Going to Conference Conference

Excited yet?

How about if I list some door prizes?

  • What Gwen said” mug donated by Gwen Hayes
  • 3-chapter critique of a YA by Simon Pulse author Rhonda Stapleton
  • 3-chapter critique of a YA, chick lit, or rom com by Golden Heart Finalist Amanda Brice
  • An ebook of your choice from Nell Dixon’s backlist
  • An ebook of either Second Sight (paranormal romance) or Dragons’ Choice (fantasy romance – dragon-shifters) from Debbie Mumford
  • Ten dollar Amazon gift certificate from Jodi Henley
  • Lush stuff from Seeley deBorne
  • e-book copy of Chasing Shadows from Erin Richards
  • Paperback copy of Iron Horse Rider OR Smiling Eyes from Adelle Laudan
  • Book thongs from Angeleque Ford
  • 3 chapter critique from Sela Carsen
  • winner’s choice of ebook copy of “Not Quite Dead” or “Heart of the Sea” by Sela Carson
  • e-book copy of HEATWAVE by Eden Bradley
  • e-book copy of BREAKING SKYE by Eden Bradley
  • a box of goodies, trade and paperbacks, bath products candles, etc… All for a fun and relaxing home spa day treat. courtesy of The Midnight Moon Cafe
  • 1 download each of Natasha Moore’s Samhain books, The Ride of Her LIfe and The Passion-Minded Professor
  • a copy of “Painted Soul” by Mary Quast
  • e-book copy of HER CINDERELLA COMPLEX by Jenna Bayley-Burke – Samhain
  • e-book copy of PAR FOR THE COURSE by Jenna Bayley-Burke – Samhain
  • e-book copy of FOUND by Jenna Bayley-Burke – Wild Rose Press
  • e-book copy of NIGHT OF INSPIRATION by Jenna Allen – Phaze
  • e-book copy of ON AGAIN by Jenna Allen – Phaze
  • $10 gc to Amazon from Kendal Corbitt
  • ebook Vampire Oracle: Harmony by MG Braden
  • Ebook ARC, Art of Sensuality by Jax Cassidy

Plus a lovely bar of wonderful Chagrin Valley hand made soap, Caramel Pralines jar candle, handmade jewelry, Tarot readings, a Lush box for European Divas/Dudes, a $10 fictionwise gc and much more!


Valentines Day is nearly here.

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Well here we go for another year. All that gushy love stuff. :sigh: I am not immune, honest.

To prove it here is a free read. As part of the Romance Divas Valentines Day eBook Challenge. Please note that this book contains adult content and is non vanilla. It is a M/f with graphic language.

After submitting in cyberspace for sometime, it is now time for Lynn to meet her Master. The decision needs to be made, does she submit completely?

Submit To Love

Hello world!

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Hi everybody. This is a nice new blog, about my journey to become a published author. Looking at all the stuff life throws at you along the way.

I will also be talking about anything that takes my fancy and fires my imagination. Maybe throw in a few reviews here and there, and if you are very lucky some freebies, interviews and guest authors.